David Lancaster has been working as a professional photographer in New England, northern Europe, and the American Southwest since 1975. He has photographed for corporations, advertising agencies and production companies through the years, as well as worked in the motion picture industry in Amsterdam and Las Vegas as a Gaffer, Still Photographer and Camera Operator.


David Lancaster prints are collected and displayed by private, corporate and residential collectors:

  • Harrah’s International
  • MGM Grand
  • M Resort – Las Vegas
  • JJ&W, CPAs – Las Vegas
  • and Various Residential Collections


Artist’s Statement

Using a 35 mm camera and a macro lens, I began a series of meditations inspired by a found block of ice, which provided a canvas for the creation of ever-changing images. The ice itself was a thing of beauty, with many dimensions to explore. The addition of natural materials – leaves and petals, altered the motif. A leaf placed one day would be embedded in the ice the next, creating a variation on the previous day’s theme.

This microcosm of an otherwise unnoticed world reflects an ever-moving dance, and the images encourage us to observe both the energy and the minute details of nature. Through them we can meditate on our relationship with nature, too often forgotten in an increasingly frantic world.

Contact Info

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